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Azerbaijan has been an IOM Member State
since 2001


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Public service announcement

Public service announcement has been produced and broadcasted in the framework of the project “Secondary school education in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to contribute to the prevention of trafficking in persons”.


Migration Information Center


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) presence in Azerbaijan dates back to 1996 with the establishment of the IOM Baku office in January. In August 2006, IOM's sub-office in the country was opened in Mingachevir. Sub-office  in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic functioned between 1998-2011. On 8 December 1999, the Agreement establishing the legal basis for further development of friendly cooperation between IOM and the Republic of Azerbaijan in handling migration issues has been signed. Following the Agreement's ratification by the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 8 February 2000, the Council of IOM, at its 81st Session in Geneva, agreed to accept Azerbaijan as an IOM Member State on 7 June 2001. Since the inauguration of its Baku office in January 1996, IOM has been implementing a variety of projects in consistence with its mission to assist the Government of Azerbaijan in meeting the operational challenges of migration, advance understanding of migration issues, encourage social and economic development, and uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants. More specifically, the intervention areas of IOM in Azerbaijan through the provision of technical assistance to the government are:

  • Legislation development and adjustment

  • Border Management;

  • Prevention of irregular migration, in particular human  smuggling and human trafficking;

  • Facilitation of migration dialogue;

  • Community development and micro credits;

  • Provision of water by rehabilitation of subterranean water systems called 'chaheriz';

  • Movement assistance;

  • Assisted return and reintegration;

In Baku, Azerbaijan the Training of Trainers organized for health care professionals focused on building their capacities in identifying, referring and caring for victims of trafficking
Launch of e-Service for the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan
A series of capacity building trainings for the State Border Service officials in Azerbaijan continued performing through an Advanced Training of Trainers Programme
IOM, the Government of Azerbaijan, international community and civil society organizations united together to mark the World Day against Trafficking in Persons
Advanced Training of Trainers Course for Experienced State Border Service Trainer-Practitioner Officers of Azerbaijan Launched
International Workshop on Strengthening Structures and Partnerships to overcome the Migration Management Challenges
IOM and Frontex Continue to Enhance Capacities of National Authorities in the Area of Integrated Border Management
Capacity Building Training Workshop on Migration, Environment and Climate Change in Azerbaijan
CMBA Project continues enhancing readmission and human rights capacities in Azerbaijan
Validation Workshop to discuss and validate the results of the research on the Counter-Trafficking Response in Azerbaijan
IOM started the third series of workshops for the representatives of diplomatic missions in Azerbaijan on combatting trafficking in persons
The senior officials of Turkish Department of Combatting Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking paid a courtesy visit to its Azerbaijani counterparts
Empowering mine victims residing in conflict affected areas
EU and IOM continue to support Azerbaijan in its capacity building efforts to prevent and combat irregular migration
Seminar on “Mainstreaming the International Mobility Dimension into Azerbaijan’s Labour Market Information System (LMIS)” in Baku, Azerbaijan
The Launching the Azerbaijani version of the Handbook on European Law Related to Asylum, Border and Immigration

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