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Azerbaijan has been an IOM Member State
since 2001


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International Migrant Day

Migrant Workers Hit By Crises Need Comprehensive, Long Term Help, Says IOM on International Migrants Day, 18th December 2012



Building knowledge and improving support for migrants' spouses
and family members staying behind in Azerbaijan

Since May 2012, IOM Mission in Azerbaijan has been implementing a project titled ” Building knowledge and improving support for migrants' spouses and family members staying behind in Azerbaijan”, with  financial contribution from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This proposed project will contribute to Azerbaijan’s endeavors for sustainable socio-economic development closely linked to migration and gender issues, specifically by empowering this marginalized group of the population.
The project aims to improve the protection of rights and livelihoods of migrants’ spouses and family members staying behind in Azerbaijan. Under the envisioned objective, this project proposes two main activities, a research study to obtain more accurate and precise knowledge about situations of the target group and a legal assistance provision to support individuals in dire needs with information dissemination and necessary legal services. By the completion of the project, these activities will lead to the expected two major outputs; a final report of the research and the legal assistance provision for at least 20 individuals of the target group.
The final report will contain a detailed analysis of the quantitative and qualitative research on the target group. The report will identify the overall needs, and gaps in policy and social protection programmes for the beneficiaries, and provide strategic recommendations for policymakers and propose intervention activities. A brief summary of topics for further detailed surveys and research, and legal assistance provided and its impact for the beneficiaries will be also highly instrumental for international organizations, NGOs and other concerned stakeholders in strategizing their programmes based on evidence and effectively operationalizing a supporting mechanism for this target group with tailor-made projects to improve their livelihoods, education, health and legal aid bearing in mind their specific vulnerabilities.   




 Public service announcement has been produced and broadcasted in the framework of the project “Secondary school education in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to contribute to the prevention of trafficking in persons”.


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